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Veterinarians prepare for disasters at Fort Valley State | News

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Veterinarians prepare for disasters at Fort Valley State

Several veterinarians and veterinary technicians gathered at Fort Valley State University this weekend to prepare for the next big disaster.

The American veterinary Medical Association has several VMAT or Veterinary Medical Assistance teams throughout the country ready to help animals during disasters.

Whether it's a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina or man made like September 11, these teams come in as a first response to provide care to animals. Dr. Cheryl Eia is the coordinator for emergency preparedness and response for the association. She said they have a plan for any situation.

"But if you don't practice your plan, its really hard to implement it in the time of a disaster, because things get a little crazy during a disasters and you need to know what plan is so it's more of a routine," Eia said.

Dr. Lisa Murphy is a veterinarian and has been a part of a VMAT unit the early 90s. She said its important for pet owners to have a plan if a disaster happens.

"They're companion animals," Murphy said. "They are peoples pets and in every situation, if you're asking people to evacuate, you need to have a plan for their pets to come with them for the very reason that many of those people may not leave their pets behind, and so you're gonna have some real human health and safety issues."

VMAT teams deploy at a state level and only respond to disasters when asked to by the state where a disaster occurs.


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