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Annapolis Vegetable Stand Photo compliments of Flickr user Mr. T in DC.


Fri. Oct. 14, 2011 from noon to 4 p.m. a free workshop for people interested in farming will be offered at The East Baker Historical Society & 21st Century Community Corporation, Inc. 139 Roosevelt Ave., Newton, GA. Sponsored by The Natural Resource Conservation Service in partnership with Digging Roots Educational Farm, Inc. this workshop will cover topics such as Working with your NRCS Representative, Permaculture, Aquaculture, and Organic Growing.

That's according to a Davis Farms news release.

Agriculture Commissioner Holds Meeting at Fort Valley State


Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black came to Fort Valley State University's campus Tuesday, and his visit included an entourage of agricultural leaders who meet regularly to discuss a variety of issues impacting the state.

That's according to a FVSU College of Agriculture news release.

This was the first time the Georgia Ag Leadership Team met at Fort Valley State University. Commissioner Black invited the institution this year to join the efforts of discussing and addressing matters facing the agriculture industry.

“I’m glad Fort Valley joined the group. I thought it was important to get both of our land-grant universities together, along with the president of the Georgia Agribusiness Council. It’s just a good time for us to get together, quarterly, basically to see what’s going on in each other’s operations,” Black said, outside of the FVSU Agricultural Technology Conference Center where the meeting was held.

Farmers Market to Feature Canning Seminar

At the Farmers & Artisans Market this Saturday, you can attend a canning seminar.

An expert will be on hand to answer canning questions.

The market is open from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Peach Ranks 103 in Health Study


Peach County ranks 103 out of 156 counties in Georgia, according to a national health study.

A multitude of factors such as mortality, health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment go into the rating.

See how Peach County rates nationally and statewide.

Crawford Co. Ranks 41 in Health Study

Out of 156 counties in Georgia, Crawford County ranks 41, according to a national health study.

Various factors such as mortality, health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment go into the rating.

See how Crawford County rates nationally and statewide.

Premiere Wacky Wednesday at Mulberry St. Market

--Submitted by Davis Farms


Wed. July 13 the Mulberry Street Market will be celebrating Farm Animals with our Premier Wacky Wed. event for children. The event will feature a friendly goat named Sugar. Local farmer Ms Robin Dunaway, of Greenway Farms in Roberta, GA will be bringing Sugar, a nanny goat with a sweet disposition. “She just wants you to love and adore her” explained Ms Dunaway. With soft fur and medium build, Sugar will be a great way for parents to introduce young children to farm animals. 

Texas Pete is another farm animal that will be visiting the market. He is a rooster with quite a reputation. “Texas Pete is the sweetest rooster you ever could meet” said Pete’s farm mom, Ms Amy Bean of The Little Farm in Gray GA. “You can scratch him under his chin and he almost purrs like a cat” she continued. Henry the Turtle will also make a visit.


FVSU Receives Grants to Safeguard Peanuts

FVSU Receives Grants to Safeguard Peanuts


Most foodies don't know that their favorite legume is under attack.

That's according to a Fort Valley State University news release. 

The Pangaeus bilineatus—also known as the burrower bug—is threatening the peanut.  \

To protect the crops, the Georgia Peanut Commission recently awarded Fort Valley State University biology professor and interim department head, Dr. George Mbata, and USDA Southeast Fruit and Tree Nut Research Lab’s Dr. David Shapiro-Ilan, a one-year, $28,000 grant to develop environmentally-friendly methods to control the pest.

Funding will support six research projects for FVSU biology students, the release says.