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Mother of molested teen reacts to sentence | Crime

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Mother of molested teen reacts to sentence
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Mother of molested teen reacts to sentence

A former Crawford County Middle School worker received 40 years probation for fondling several young boys at a sleepover.



Wednesday, Carlteze Saffold pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual battery on a child under 16 and four counts of attempted child molestation.


One Crawford County mother is speaking out about Saffold, who won't serve any time in jail for molesting her son and several other boys.


"He was very trusted. We trusted him and unfortunately he took advantage of that trust and he affected our children for years to come," she said.


Saffold allegedly pulled down the pants of Crawford County Middle School students during a sleepover and fondled the teens.


The victims included a member of his own family.


He was sentenced to 40 years probation with no time in prison.


"How do you deal with walking into a grocery store and seeing this offender who is going to live in your community?," the victim's mother continued. "And although he'll never be alone with my child or the other children involved in this case. How do you look him in his eyes."


She agreed to that plea deal in advance, but says she's still upset about what Saffold had done to his victims.


"It's hard because to me, when you affect the innocence of children, you affect the entire community," she said.


That why she doesn't know if she'll ever be able to truly forgive.


"He'll be out here in this free world doing everything that you and I get to do, but he doesn't deserve that," she said. "He deserves to be punished for what he did."


District Attorney David Cooke also spoke with that mother and says she agreed to the plea deal in advance.


He said most of the victims didn't want to see Saffold charged and would not testify.


During Saffold's probation, he will be listed as a sex offender and must not have contact with children.


He's been in jail since last October.

Crime, Families, News

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