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Nigerian delegates tour FVSU | Schools

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Nigerian delegates tour FVSU
Fort Valley State University wants to go global. That's one reason a group of about 20 Nigerian legislators toured the school today. "In Nigeria we are moving Agriculture to a business. And the agricultural prgram here is of great interest to us," said Ambassador Geoffery Teneilabe. Which is why he and a few other legislators from the Kwara state of Nigeria toured Fort Valley State's campus. It's all part of President Ivelaw Griffith's global initiative. "The result of this will be conversations about practical partnerships. We wanna bring their students, we want to send experts to help advise them," said President Griffith. The delegates were given a tour of the school's Veterinary Science building and Small Ruminants Center. The center specializes in research on goats, specifically how their milk and meat are good for human consumption. "Goats and Sheep are part of our rural economy and several products that have been developed from them. From milking to, goat milk ice cream, goat milk cheese." Griffith's goal is to create a partnership with the legislators. The main result would be bringing Nigerian students to the school, while sending their own students to Africa. Ambassador Teneliebe says students coming to Fort Valley's campus would get a chance at higher education they might not get in their homeland. "We have about 127 universities but we have a population that is far greater than the capacities of these universities," he said. "I'd like to have, beginning this fall, students come from Kwara state," said Griffith. The president says he hopes a partnership with the Nigerian state will enable other nations to want to partner with the school as well.

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