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Crawford County Election Results

Crawford County Election Results

Crawford County Election Results:

Incumbent Lewis Walker wins 69% of the vote for Crawford County Sheriff.

Sunday Package Sales in Crawford pass with 57% Yes.

Crawford County Commission District 2: Incumbent Bobby Blasingame wins with 59% of the vote.
John Thomas will be a new face in the District 4 seat, as he won 58% of the vote.

Macon Circuit DA's Office Releases More Files

For weeks David Cooke, the Democratic candidate in the race for Bibb County's District Attorney, has criticized incumbent Greg Winters' record as a prosecutor.

Cooke released a list of of over one hundred cases that he says current D.A Greg Winters mishandled. He even went as far as to say Winters was trying to keep those records secret until after Tuesday's election.

13WMAZ put in an open records request for those case files, and last week, 13WMAZ's Randall Savage reviewed more than a dozen murder and rape cases. 

He found that all of them were dismissed for what seemed to be legitimate reasons, like mistaken identity, witnesses giving different statements and in one case a video that didn't support the accusation.

Cooke, Winters Battle for Macon Judicial Circuit DA Slot

With only a week left before the next District Attorney for the Macon-Bibb Judicial Circuit is voted in, the candidates Greg Winters and David Cooke are each trying to convince voters that he has the right record to effectively prosecute crimes in the area.

The candidates visited 13WMAZ studios for a debate Monday evening and a follow-up discussion.

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For the most part, Cooke is on offense, saying Winters mishandled the Lauren Giddings murder case, and has a soft record on crimes against women.

Bibb DA Candidates Debate at Mercer

The two men running for Bibb County District Attorney faced off at Mercer University Monday night.  

Earlier this month, Democrat David Cooke conducted a poll that incumbent Greg Winters said contained misleading and distorted information.

During tonight's debate, a panelist asked Cooke if he would release his poll.  He said that the poll was not made for "public consumption" and told 13WMAZ's Randall Savage that he is not going to release it.

Cooke and Winters meet in the Nov. 6 general election. The winner will serve as district attorney for the Macon Judicial Circuit, which covers Bibb, Crawford and Peach counties.  

Early Voting Now Under Way

Early Voting Now Under Way

Hundreds of people lined up at the Bibb County Board of Elections office Monday for the first day of early voting.

Although we won't have official numbers until late, Elections Supervisor Elaine Carr says it's typical to see a high turnout for an election like this.

The line of voters extended outside the Bibb County Board Elections office, and inside the sight was similar.

"It was a hurry up and wait," says voter David Smith. "They wait outside a long time and then you finally get in, you thought you were going to be able to vote. It kind of like being at Six Flags or Disney World."

Signs hung nearby promoting local candidates, but most voters say the presidential race is what brought them to the polls.

They say they waited for an hour, up to an hour and a half, some for their first chance to vote.

State Investigates Peach Co. Coroner Candidate

The Secretary of State's office is investigating retired Fort Valley Fire Chief, Otis Lee Daniel Jr., who is now running against Kerry Rooks for Coroner in Peach.

This is true. According to Jared Thomas, Press Secretary for Secretary of State Brian Kemp,  retired Peach County Fire Captain Tony West filed a complaint alleging Otis Lee Daniel Jr.,
"put false information on his qualification form in that the candidate was convicted of a felony."

According to court documents Daniel was convicted of a felony in August 1972. When he was seventeen years old, he pled guilty to burglary. Daniel told 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet he never served time in prison, and he gave us this document from the state Board of Pardons and Paroles showing that he was pardoned in 1988.

He declined to go on camera, saying he didn't want to fuel the lies.

Supporters Rally for Romney-Ryan Ticket in Byron

About 100 Romney supporters painted the town red in a rally for the Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates at the Jailhouse Park in downtown Byron.

"I'm supporting anything that will save America from the Obama takeover," says Brooks Dugger from Byron.

Decked in red, white, and blue, people bought pins and signs to raise money for Romney's campaign and reminding people to vote in the November elections. 

"I wouldn't have voted for Obama if he had promised me the entire gold mine. He was promising everyone the gold mine but the only thing we got was the shaft," says Brooks.

Some supporters say they are voting Romney because he's a family man, business man, and better alternative for president.

"Romney has the ability, the expertise, that he has a record to be able to turn it around," says Norma Harris who was at the park an hour before the rally started.