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Supporters Rally for Romney-Ryan Ticket in Byron | Politics

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Supporters Rally for Romney-Ryan Ticket in Byron

About 100 Romney supporters painted the town red in a rally for the Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates at the Jailhouse Park in downtown Byron.

"I'm supporting anything that will save America from the Obama takeover," says Brooks Dugger from Byron.

Decked in red, white, and blue, people bought pins and signs to raise money for Romney's campaign and reminding people to vote in the November elections. 

"I wouldn't have voted for Obama if he had promised me the entire gold mine. He was promising everyone the gold mine but the only thing we got was the shaft," says Brooks.

Some supporters say they are voting Romney because he's a family man, business man, and better alternative for president.

"Romney has the ability, the expertise, that he has a record to be able to turn it around," says Norma Harris who was at the park an hour before the rally started.

"The real terrorist is still alive and he's in the White House," says Connie Parker from Byron.

But some Obama supporters are shaking their heads saying Romney supporters have got it all wrong.

"I hope it's not racial. That's what I'm praying that it's not racial. Because he's an intelligent man. I mean, what else can you give America?" asks retired teacher Christine Redding-Lowger.

Michelle Sands adds, "Some people try to divide instead of bring people together and that kind of rhetoric is just unproductive. It is not based in fact." Sands is Sanford Bishop's regional political director for Bibb, Crawford, and Peach counties.

Whether a Romney or Obama supporter, voters say they hope their vote will mean change in Washington.


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