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How to Write for 13WMAZ's Where You Live

How to Write for 13WMAZ's Where You Live

Where You Live is WMAZ's hyperlocal feature. This means that we are helping bring you more community-specific news more often.

We have websites for these communities:

Dooly-Macon County
Warner Robins
obins AFB

These community websites are a place for you and your community members to share information.

To join our team and share with folks just like yourself, all you have to do is email us your email address and name whereyoulive@13wmaz.com

From there, we set up an account for you. This account lets you log in to your community site and post photo galleries, concerts, community events, 100th birthday parties, your concerns, latest creative projects, how-to advice and anything else you want people in your area to know.

Once you have an account, here are some examples of how you can stay involved Where You Live:

(These are just ideas to get you started. Feel free to come up with your own blog ideas!)

  • Post about your hobby: 
    Music reviews 
    Movie reviews 
    Local fashion


  • Are you that person who always takes photos at the high school's football games or at community festivals?  You can log in with your new account and create a gallery to show off your photos on our site.
  • Have a story idea that may need a reporter in our newsroom? Send us a news tip by emailing eyewitnessnews@13wmaz.com
  • Where You Live is your space for public conversation.  Feel free to comment on others' articles. New ideas can crop up just from simple conversations with others.
  • See something bizarre around town? Take a (cell phone) photo and post it to your community site! Maybe someone else will know the background story.
  • Add an event to our community calendar. Click "Add an Event"  on your community site's event section.
  • Like" us on Facebook to include your local news, breaking news and weather warnings and watches in your Facebook feed.
  • Follow us on Twitter for breaking news and weather updates.

Photos: 7th Annual Rescue Day

7th Annual Rescue Day to Feature Fun for Families and Pets

7th Annual Rescue Day to Feature Fun for Families and Pets


Fifteen animal rescue groups from around the Middle Georgia area are gathering together April 21 for the Seventh Annual Rescue Day at Tractor Supply Company in Byron, a Save a Pet news release says.

Along with the rescue groups, others are joining them to help get pets adopted, keeping your pet health and well trained, and sharing fun activities to do with your dog.

Along with pet adoptions, there will be a vaccination clinic, children’s fun dog show, pony rides, dog training demonstrations, dog cart demonstrations and rides and information about involved in pet therapy.

Save the Date: 7th Annual Rescue Day Date Set

Save the Date: 7th Annual Rescue Day Date Set

BYRON, GA.--The date for the 7th Annual Rescue Day at Tractor Supply in Byron/Warner Robins has been chosen, and it is April 21.  

That's according to a Save A Pet release.

More details to come.

Donors Helping Pay for Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Surgeries

Donors Helping Pay for Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Surgeries

Two major donors have come forward to help pay the $20 per pet fee for spay/neuter surgery at the mobile vet clinic coming to GEICO in February.

Thanks to a $300 donation from Heart of Georgia Humane Society and a $200 donation from Anna Roberts and Rivoli Realty, plus help from other donors, the fee for 37 of the spay/neuter surgeries are covered.

Cost for the surgery, plus a microchip and rabies shot, is only $20 per pet. The clinic is designed to help senior citizens and low-income residents get their pets "fixed" to stop unwanted litters of puppies and kittens from flooding Macon Animal Control constantly. Many of these unwanted babies die because no homes can be found in time to save them.