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Winery Brings Southern Sophistication to Byron | News

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Winery Brings Southern Sophistication to Byron

Just a stone's throw from Interstate 75 lies something you may be surprised to see in Byron.

William Browning, one of the owners of the Cane River Vineyard says, "I looked at it from the aspect of bringing something that we didn't have around here anywhere. I wanted the tasting room to entice some people off the Interstate, get some people to stop in Byron."

The vineyard grows six different varieties of muscadine grapes: Ison, Supreme, Magnolia, Carlos, Pam, and Noble.

They hope one day to bottle their own blends.

Browning says with no rain, he's been spritzing his vines four times a week instead of just once.

He uses a drip irrigation system and he says he uses two and a half gallons of water per vine per hour.

Browning is originally from West Virginia and says he used to be a sports cameraman for network television, but at a college football game seventeen years ago his career changed in a flash.

"I got struck by lightning at University of Alabama, and that was the last day that I worked, October 22, 1994." says Browning.

He says that left him unable to drive for ten years and it was difficult relying on others to bring him everywhere he needed to go.

After the accident, Browning and his family settled in Byron.

He says he's poured his heart into the challenge of tapping into Central Georgia's small but growing wine country.

Browning plans to harvest the fruits of his labor this september and says he can't wait to pop the cork on his new creations.

You can stop by Cane River Vineyard and sample their new blend, Robins Red.

Browning says its a Muscadine wine named for Robins Air Force Base.


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