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Blue Bird Makes Propane-Powered Buses | News

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Blue Bird Makes Propane-Powered Buses

Blue Bird Corporation kicked off the new year with 600 orders for propane-powered buses. So far, they have sold 2,000 of these greener buses all over the country and Canada, since they started making them in 2007.

Phil Horlock, the CEO of Blue Bird Corporation, said while the upfront costs are a little more than standard diesel engine, a propane bus saves school districts money.

"You pay that $6,000 or $7,000 premium but every year in propane savings versus diesel around $2,500 a year because the cost of a gallon of propane is about $1.50 right now diesel is about $3.80 per gallon," said Horlock.

Horlock said propane is not only cheaper, but many school districts that they work with install their own propane fuel filling tanks.

"They install a filling station right on the premises of that school yard where those buses are stored just along side the diesel tank," said Horlock.

Blue Bird Corporation said while they still primarily make diesel buses, the alternative energy buses gain ground every year.


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