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Byron Businesses Unhappy With Chapman Rd. Changes | News

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Byron Businesses Unhappy With Chapman Rd. Changes

Some businesses on Chapman Road in Byron say it's harder for their customers to get to them with a new entrance on the roadway. They will meet Wednesday at Captain Jack's on Chapman Road to discuss the problems. 

As part of a roadwork project, the state Department of Transportation closed the intersection of Chapman Road and Highway 49. A new entrance to Chapman Road was built about 1,200 feet west.

Manny Vyas, the owner of Quality Inn, said it used to be easy for his customers to get to his business at the original intersection at Highway 49. 

But now that the entrance has been moved to about a mile away. The intersection has traffic lights, but they haven't been turned on. Vyas says the signs aren't enough to keep customers from getting lost. 

"The problem is access especially during the evening. It's very difficult for people to get over here in the evening. The lighting is poor, the traffic light is not up, and they just have a hard time finding the place," said Vyas. 

He said since the road improvements business has been down. 

"It's been down almost 20 to 30 percent ever since the road closure on top of the economy has been pretty slow too,  so that hurts our business too. This just compounds the problem," said Vyas. 

John David Hudson of Jeff Smith Chevrolet said they just wanted the project done so people can get used to the new way to get to Chapman Road. 

"We would like some, some just a finished product then we can adjust how we advertise and how we tell people how to get here, now it's go down till you see this and you see that, look for all the barrels and cones if you look for the problem then that's how you find us," said Hudson. 

Spokeswoman Kimberly Larson said DOT can't connect the stop lights at that intersection until they know if the utilities will be above ground or below.

Larson said they made the change for safety reasons due to several accidents at the old intersection.

She said they'll consider improving the new one, with more signs


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