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100 Million Christmas Shoe Boxes Will Be Sent to 13 Countries | News

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100 Million Christmas Shoe Boxes Will Be Sent to 13 Countries

This year, 100 million children around the world will receive a Christmas present with the help of Project Christmas Child.

This weekend, the Byron United Methodist Church turned into Santa's Workshop.

"So that children who don't have Christmas will be able to have one Christmas," says 11-year-old Sarah King who stopped by to drop off shoe boxes.

Operation Christmas Child was in full swing. The goal is to collect as many shoe boxes as possible.

"We put hygiene items, school supplies, little toys, clothes, anything you can put in that little shoe box that doesn't leak," says coordinator Elaine Barfield.

This program is in its 16th year and has grown with each passing holiday. So far, Barfield counted almost 42,000 boxes. That's right on track for her biggest goal yet.

"Just think about it, 100-million shoe boxes for these kids," she says.

Barfield is expecting a shipment of 25,000 shoe boxes by Monday, the last collection day. 

That means more elves to create, pack, and load the shipments to Atlanta. Form there, Samaritan's Purse, a Christian charity, will distribute the packages.

"I hope some of them might go to Africa because I hear a lot of things on the news that people are hungry," says Emmy King who came here with her sister and grandparents.

"We go into Asian countries, African countries, we go into South America. And we have began to go into countries that are non-Christian countries," says Barfield.

Presents will be shipped to 13 countries. Some shoe boxes are even tracked with a bar code. That allows the giver to know where the boxes are received. 

Check out samaritanspurse.org for shoe box tracking options.

"When you pack a box, they ask you to give a donation of seven dollars for the shipping. Can you imagine sending a package this side to the other side of the world for seven dollars," asks Barfield.

Presents are scheduled to be delivered by mid-December.


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