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Local College Students React to Election Results | News

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Local College Students React to Election Results

We went to both Mercer University and Fort Valley State University's campuses to see what advice students had for President Obama going into the next four years.

"One side of me, I'm excited that he has opted a second opportunity to do what he said he was going to do the first term on economic advancements on war and social healthcare, however on the other side, there are some of his plans that I'm not keen towards especially when you're looking at social programs that are going to cost Americans more in taxes than they already pay now," says Bryant Collier a student at Fort Valley State University. 

Mercer Law Student, Robert Cabe says, "I think that the President could do a little more in terms of reaching across the aisle and try to unify this country a little more rather than draw lines."

"Through the animosity that we look passed it and we keep growing. As Obama says moving forward that's not just for the democratic side but that's for the whole country, we need to move forward," says Amanda Allen, a student at Fort Valley State University. 

Collier says, "We're not asking you to be our pastor. We're asking you to be our President. Keep us safe, make decisions that are non bias, that don't have hidden agendas, that are truly for the advancement of the total American family household and country."

Even though the students came from both sides of the political spectrum, they all seem to agree that the economy should be at the top of the President's agenda.

Cabe says, "My best hope is that the people in DC can speed up this recovery as quickly as possible."

"I just hope that we can get out of this recession, we can bring our troops home and get back to where we were like ten years ago and just be America," says Jon Chung a Mercer University student, majoring in Psychology. 

Collier says, "National debt, taxes, why are we being taxed so much, where is that money going towards and how can we monitor that to make sure our money is used effectively?"


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