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AOTW: Lucius Campbell

     Lucius Campbell is a Senior at Peach County High School. His favorite class is English Literature and he says when he graduates in the spring, he wants to attend college but he is still deciding where exactly. But there's one thing, Campbell was sure about as a middle schooler in Byron, was that there was no other school that he wanted to attend more than PCHS.
"Cause growing up, you always see them on the field doing what they do best and that's playing hard core defense", says the senior. "I always wanted to be on the defensive side of the ball. I always liked to hit people that just was his thing."

    Well doing his thing helped land him as a heavy contributer on Friday nights for the Trojans, something Lucius takes pride in way before game time hits.
Lucius explains, "What makes our defense different from the rest is our practices. We practice harder than anyone in the state and I believe that wholeheartedly."
Coach Campbell agrees, "He progressed tremendously. And that's what you like to see as a coach that a kid progress from where he started as a ninth grader to where he is now. We thought as a 9th grader, he may never step on the field. He's just one of those guys whose worked hard to get where he is at."

      And that hard work has also placed Lucius near the top of his class with a 3.8 GPA., something the senior doesn't take lightly.
The linebacker says, "My dad is always talking to me about how education can take you places in life.Sports is a vehicle to get your education. Education should be your main priority in lige and in school."
       "Lucius has really good parents", says Coach Campbell. "And they stay on top of him about his grades and he's self motivated in the classroom so you really don't have to go behind him."

       And Lucius credits that self motivation from beyond the gridiron. He prides himself on being a fulltime member of the Junior R.O.T.C., an activity that helped make him the young man he is. "Discipline is what you need in life. It keeps you structured. Keeps you focused. Without that discipline, you can go different ways" says Lucius.

       Lucius plans to continue going upward. After high school, Campbell plans to attend college on an R.O.T.C. scholarship. Peach County travels to Jackson, Friday night to take on region mate Jackson at Red Devil Hill.



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