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Family Dogs Killed In Possible Poisoning | News

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Family Dogs Killed In Possible Poisoning

Gina Archibald and Stephanie Wammock and their son Aden seem to have a full house with their four dogs - Sassy, Rambo, Levi, and Molly.  For them, their Knoxville home is quiet after five other dogs died in a possible poisoning.

"We raised them, we're their mothers, and to have that snatched away, it's heartbreaking," says Archibald.

Saturday,  they let the dogs outside to play as they usually do when things went wrong.

"I looked at her and I said, 'come on, baby girl,' and she didn't move," says Wammock.

Then, another of their dogs appeared to lose control of its legs  if it were paralyzed, and others would not leave their kennels even when called.

Then, they found  their foster dog Junie dead in the yard with what they think was a gunshot wound.  They rushed the other dogs to the vet who worked on them all day.

They say they hardly got any sleep that night, and got a call the next morning saying the dogs were suffering and not doing well.  The family made the choice to euthanize the dogs that the veterinarian said would not recover.  They buried the dogs- Gypsie, Mini, Widow, and Athena-in their yard. 

They said that they found chicken, hot dogs and dog food that someone had laced with poison and left in the yard next to their driveway.  The couple says they don't know who put the food there or why.

On Thursday, they discovered another suspicious container just outside their property also containing chicken and hot dogs soaked in some liquid.  They called in the Crawford County Sherriff's office, who says it is looking into the possible poisonings.

Deputies told Wammock they believed that the poison may have been put there by hunters who may have wanted the 9 dogs gone.

In the end, their dog Sassy recovered quickly, and their dog Molly bounced back from critical condition to make a full recovery.  Their other two dogs Levi and Rambo were not poisoned.

Archibald and Wammock have been adopting dogs for years and say this attack will not deter them from helping animals in the future.

"You didn't get us down. And you're not going to stop us.  You're not going to stop us from adopting. We will continue to save animals, to protect animals, and to fight for their rights."

They have a Facebook page set up in memory of their lost dogs called "Athena's Cause," which they hope will raise awareness of animal abuse.  You can find the link here.


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