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AOTW: Jordan Lockett

Senior Jordan Lockett has been running plays on Crawford County's field since his freshman year and his attitude hasn't changed even though leadership has. "Just got to keep fighting", says Lockett. "Coach Street came in and he's doing the best that he can do and he's doing a great job. Just got to keep fighting and listening to what he says do. One day we're going to get a win though." Greg Street is in his first year coaching Lockett and his teammates and he hopes that one day earning a win, comes sooner than later. Crawford County is 0-4 this season and last recorded a win in October of 2009, bringing a losing streak to 26 games in a row. Lockett emphasizes, "Just come out here and work. When Coach gets on to you, he's not getting on to the individual. He's getting on to the number you have on. Gotta come out here, shake it off and play."

Coach Street likes what he hears from the senior. "He's a model student. A model athlete", says Street. "A model kid all the way around. If you had a football  team full of 12 Jordan Locketts you'd beat every high school in Georgia 7 days a week."

Lockett is one of the bright spots on the Eagle's roster. He helps teach the younger guys where to line up  and in the classroom being the son of a teacher, Jordan sports an A-B average in the classroom, something he is equally as proud of.

Street says, "My philosophy and what I stress to the kids is that athletics just compliment the academic process that's how it works out. Nothing can take the place of a good foundation of education."

Jordan agrees, "You need grades before anything. You can't even work at McDonald's with a GED anymore so you need a diploma."

So as the season continues to move on, the Eagles are growing closer to that first win but understand the journey is going to require some patience.

"From the teachers, to the administration, cafeteria workers to the custodians everyone now is having a sense of pride about this football team and they are getting behind us", Street boasts.

But win, lose or draw and whatever the scoreboard reads at the end of the day, Jordan has no regrets.

"I'm going to miss it", echoes Lockett. "I have shed so many blood, sweat and tears on this field. I'm going to miss all the boys that I played with. I'm going to miss the friends that I've made and all the coaches even though they got on us, they did it just to help us win cause they loved us."

Crawford County looks to break the streak Friday night as they take on winless Macon County at home 



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