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Weather causing black rot in pecan crop | News

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Weather causing black rot in pecan crop

Many pecan growers in Fort Valley say the quantity of nuts this year was good, but one pecan shelling company says the quality of some of the pecans is low because of the weather.

Rick Sasnett is the owner of Sasnett Fruits and Nuts.

"Cracking and shelling is the main part of the business right here," Sasnett said, "We do sell a few of our nuts right here that we crack and shell."

The company carries pecans for growers and the public.

Lately, Sasnett says his growers in South Georgia, from Cordele down to the Florida line, are seeing black rot.

He says wet weather combined with the Georgia heat may be the reason why.

"They said that their quality was not quite as good. The percentage of meat was down from the low 50s to the high 40s," said Sasnett.

He says the "meat," or the size of the nut in the shell, was smaller in crops from Fort Valley and Byron, too, but the quality was still much better than South Georgia.

Sasnett says the size isn't holding back business, with the company shelling out around 4,000 orders since January.

He says he hopes to keep that moment cracking with a healthier crop next year and says he thinks pecan prices will stay the same this season.

However, Sasnett says it could go up next season if the crop doesn't do well.


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