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Peach Pit holding demonstration on therapy with horses | News

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Peach Pit holding demonstration on therapy with horses

Coley is the owner of a ranch in Fort Valley called the Peach Pit.

She says it's a non-profit that offers mental health counseling with horses.

While therapy involving horseback riding exists, Coley says this type of counseling is different.

"We use the EAGALA model, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association model," she said.

Coley says people use props, like traffic cones and pool noodles, and interact with the horses to find a solution to their problems.

She says she and a horse specialist will guide the person during their session.

"We may point out what the horses are doing and the client may say, 'You know what? That's just like me and my sister or that's just like my coworkers and I'," said Coley.

To explain what the Peach Pit does, she is holding a free demonstration Saturday afternoon.

She says it isn't a therapy session, but instead, it's a chance for people to meet the horses and understand how communication is bridged.

"I do have some people who are coming on the law enforcement side and some who are from the community and what we will do is to create opportunities for them in the arena," Coley said, "Working with the horses on the ground to interact with each other as a team."

To RSVP, you can call the Peach Pit at 478-827-3224 or go to the Peach Pit's website and click on 'Free Demo'.


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