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Peach principal has long football history | News

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Peach principal has long football history

The Peach County principal has some bragging rights himself, some football cred, you might say.

The Trojans may do a double-take if they ever have to visit the head guy's office.

Al Pollard's office is pretty normalĀ until you spy the black and white photos on a table.

"I don't put my diplomas or anything else," Pollard explained. "They figure I got those or I wouldn't be in this office. But these are good conversation pieces. Sometimes they break the ice when parents might want to discuss other things."

Pollard is not your average principal.

There is a reason this guy zips around from classroom to classroom doing assessments.

He believes in his staff, but it's in Pollard's blood to stay active.

"This is against Auburn my senior year," he said as he showed us photos from back in the '70s. "I had 158 yards running that and we won 28-0 that game."

They won a lot of games with then running back Principal Pollard taking care of the ball.

"In '75, we went to the Cotton Bowl went 9-2 in the regular season and lost to Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl," he said. "My senior year, we went and played for the National Championships in the Sugar Bowl, so those were two pretty good years."

Pollard followed up his playing days by coaching on Friday nights.

Because of his lifelong dedication to the game, the Macon Sports Hall of Fame inducted him, which impressed the grand kids.

"When we got to go to the Macon Sports Hall of Fame a couple of years ago, they were excited about that," he said with a smile.

Like with his teachers, the Bulldog is content to sit on the sidelines and play more of a supportive role when it comes to the Trojans and head coach Chad Campbell.

"Friday night, if you're winning, it's great if you're not winning, it's not so great," he said with a smile.


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