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FVSU cuts out-of-state tuition for 3 states | News

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FVSU cuts out-of-state tuition for 3 states

Starting this fall school year, Fort Valley State University is waiving out-of-state tuition for students enrolling from Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida.

The Georgia Board of Regents approved Fort Valley and 10 other schools to offer the waiver.

For most students taking 15 credits, it means a difference of about $6,300 a semester.

"It will encourage students to leave their state instead of staying home, so I think it's a good thing," said Darrell Lake.

He is a senior who is originally from Florida.

He says during his sophomore year, he was offered in-state tuition because he was an athlete, saving him a pretty penny.

" [It] was about $8,000 difference from out of state," said Lake.

He says giving that opportunity to other students like him will only strengthen his school's appeal for more athletes.

Jamar Gilyard, a fellow Florida resident and football player agrees.

"Having to get players that are in state and because it's cheaper, that's limiting you from getting more talent," Gilyard said.

According to the University Systems of Georgia, FVSU's enrollment fell about 20 percent from 2013 to 2014.

Angela Harris, Vice president of Student Success and Enrollment, says although this is Fort Valley State's first time doing this program, she says the university system has done it before.

"Many times when schools are right there on the border of a particular state," said Harris, "One of the wise things to do would be to accommodate those neighbors that are on the border."

Harris says there is no limit to the amount of waivers the school can offer, which could bring more opportunity to the school and potential students.

"We just open the door and let them come in if they meet our requirements, for sure," she said.

To be eligible, students would have to meet Fort Valley State's admission requirements.

The program will be available for the next three school years.


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