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Family disagrees with Peach County Schools' retention policy | News

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Family disagrees with Peach County Schools' retention policy

Angela Williams is a grandmother to triplets and says their bond is undeniable.

So, at the first sign of the sisters being split up, her first instinct was to fight it. On April 28th, Williams says the triplets' school, Byron Elementary, told the family one triplet would be held back in kindergarten, while her sisters would go on to first grade.

"That's unjust to her, that's unjust to her sisters, that's unjust to her brother starting kindergarten," Williams said.

She also says the school explained by saying her granddaughter had a hard time writing certain letters in cursive, couldn't recognize a 'hexagon' shape and couldn't finish a sentence-writing exercise.

William's daughter and the triplets' mother, Tiara Lighty, says none of those problems came up during previous meetings with the teacher.

"The only two issues that she was having was sentence writing and reading comprehension and to continue working on her with that," Lighty said.

She says she also asked the school for an Individualized Education Plan in February. It's a program with one-on-one sessions where teachers spend time with a child to find any learning problems, but Williams says the school denied that request.

Williams says she, her husband, and her daughter met with the school's principal and teacher shortly after being told about the retention. Both told her their hands were tied.

"[They said] that there was nothing that they'd be able to do about it," she said. "That they were sticking to the retention policy. So we requested a meeting with the superintendent at the school board."

But Williams said he told her the same thing. Peach County School's promotion and retention policy states 'There shall be no appeal of promotion/retention decisions beyond the school level.'

But for both grandmother and mother, it doesn't end here.

"I just feel like the whole thing is wrong, and we're not gonna stop fighting," Williams said.

When we reached out to the the Peach County School Board, they referred us to their written promotion and retention policy.

Bibb County Schools' policy also states that the school's decision is final and cannot be appealed. Meanwhile, Baldwin and Crawford County Schools do allow parents to appeal retention decisions to the superintendent.


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