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Fort Valley residents react to break-ins, rapes | News

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Fort Valley residents react to break-ins, rapes

After days of break-ins, a rape, and an attempted rape, many people in Fort Valley say they're afraid.

A Fort Valley State spokeswoman said students are continuing to receive alerts through email and text message.

Fort Valley Police Chief Lawrence Spurgeon says his department has been updating their Facebook page with alerts.

However, after incidents reported on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings, the first posts by his department happened Tuesday afternoon.

When asked if she thought law enforcement was doing enough to notify residents, Tia Ackols said officers could do more.

"Outside of Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, you don't hear about it unless the school notifies you and calls you, but as far as law enforcement, they don't help at all," she said.

Another resident, Jennifer Brown owns a hair salon.

She says some of her clients are students at Fort Valley and have told her they're choosing to stay outside the city at night instead of in their apartments.

Brown says while the news has been her main source for updates, she says law enforcement is doing the best they can.

"I feel like the police do a good job of patrolling the community and riding around and looking even before this incident happened,' she said.

Mayor Barbara Williams says the community must work with law enforcement for this case to be solved.

"Be good neighbors so that if there is strange activity going on in their neighborhood, don't be afraid to report it. That's the way that we are going to keep incidents down and crime down," she said.


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