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Fort Valley State University response to break-ins, rapes | News

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Fort Valley State University response to break-ins, rapes

Kenisha Tillmutt is a junior at Fort Valley State University, and says she's noticed a stronger police presence around the school.

"There are police officers patrolling the halls. Which they have been doing that, but even more now," she said.

This after five break-ins and two reported rapes off campus within the last two weeks. Peach County investigators believe the crimes are committed by the same person, and in most cases, he's had a gun.

"We've increased our police presence, we've had off duty officers coming in extra duty, extra patrol," Fort Valley State Police Chief, Kenneth Morgan.

He says the campus is regularly under 24-hour security and surveillance. But he says as of late, the department has doubled its patrol cars at night from around three cars to about six. They've also sent students alerts of the break-ins and rapes, starting with the first on April 2nd, and tips on being safe through text message and email.

"They've been saying stay indoors, walk in groups," student Hayden Singleton, "Don't put yourself in a situation where you might be alone, or in an area you are not familiar with."

Vanessa Bolar is a senior, and says even with the increased police presence, she still doesn't feel completely safe.

"It's just because I live off campus and it's happening off campus, It's very scary," she said.

Chief Morgan says after the alerts, students have called the department, letting them know if anything seemed out of the ordinary. Many students say looking out for each other is another way to keep peace of mind.

"We're getting more of the idea that we are an FVSU family," said Venus Munroe. "And when one of us is affected, all of us are affected, and we don't want to be affected anymore."

Morgan says nothing has come out of the calls the department's received so far, but he says he wants students and the community to continue to let university police know of any suspicious activity they see.

The number to call Fort Valley State campus police is 478-825-6211.


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