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Fort Valley students react to break-ins, rapes | News

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Fort Valley students react to break-ins, rapes

With most of the break-ins and rapes happening within miles of each other, and all within 2 weeks, many Fort Valley State students who live off campus say they are concerned.

Diana Holt is a junior, and says she wasn't that surprised to hear about the break-ins.

She says while she never experienced one, they've happened in the area before.

But she says what is scary is knowing that women have been raped so close to where she lives.

Holt says she believes the intruder watched the victims to know when they were leaving and entering their homes.

She says she's lived in her apartment since January and hasn't had a problem, but says she'll take extra precautions now.

"I'm definitely going to start locking the outside door, too," Holt said, " There's gates and bars on our windows, so we don't have to worry about nobody coming in through the window."

Dustin Dixon says after hearing of the break-ins, he plans on letting law enforcement and his neighbors know about anything he finds suspicious.

"Go straight direct to the campus security and bring that to their attention," he said,"And just help out. Just go and asking neighbors, 'What's going on? Who's doing this? Have you seen anything?'"

Fort Valley Police Chief Lawrence Spurgeon says people in the area should stay aware of their surroundings and keep their doors and windows locked.

He also says they should keep your cell phone charged and nearby, so it's convenient in case of an emergency.


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