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'Veggies in the Valley' encourages gardening | News

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'Veggies in the Valley' encourages gardening

Patricia Alston Rohlman is looking for a "fresh" way to get food in Fort Valley.

"We're trying to promote the idea of a 'handup,' not a 'handout' so that people can view the gardens as like a learning lab, so they can come and learn how to garden for themselves," she said.

Rohlman started "Veggies in the Valley," a project that started 4 community gardens throughout the city.

The gardens are located on Oak Street, Love Street, on State University Boulevard near Fort Valley State, and behind the local Boys and Girls Club.

"People ask me all the time, 'Can I come and bring my kids?' So we have a couple of children signed up with their parents to come and work," Rohlman said.

The city donated three of the properties the gardens are built on.

The fourth one is privately owned by the City Marshal.

Rohlman says she hopes volunteers gain more than just food from the gardens.

"We're actually hoping for a closer community, that people will make friends here and that idea of gardening for food will just become a normal, regular part of life," she says.

Rohlman says she has 60 volunteers signed up, but says she'll need more in the next few weeks.

She says they'll be switching their summer produce for ones that will flourish in the fall, like carrots.

To volunteer, you can email the group at fortvalleyveggies@gmail.com.

Rohlman says the effort is in need of buckets or containers that are at least five gallons.


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