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Crawford County coroner sues county | News

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Crawford County coroner sues county

For the past 18 months, coroner David O'Neal has been asking the Crawford County commission for a truck and an office with supplies because right now he uses his own pickup and works from home.

"I've had to have my son carry me in his own personal vehicle to scenes when my vehicle was not eligible to go. Without help, I could go hours," O'Neal said.

The county did not give him a truck but did provide him with an office.

O'Neal says it's locked and he doesn't have a key. And he wouldn't want it anyway.

Several times O'Neal told the county commission he would not accept that office.

Back in December he complained, "It is not a secure location, not fire proof, and I am an elected official that should have the same type of accommodations as any other elected officials. The space you are speaking of is not satisfactory and I will not use it."

Crawford County would not comment on the lawsuit directly.

But County Manager Pat Kelly gave me a list of similar-sized counties that show Crawford's $38,000 coroner budget is large by comparison.

O'Neal says that's because many other coroners make money owning funeral homes. While O'Neal waits for the commission to fulfill his requests he says,"This is hurting the families. It's not hurting me. It's hurting the families. Families having to wait 2, 3, 5 hours long to get their loved ones released. It's just a crying shame.

The county has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit.

The case will then go before a Superior Court Judge.


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