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Great Hang Up: Byron Police go hands-free | News

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Great Hang Up: Byron Police go hands-free

It only takes a quick look inside Lt. Bryan Hunter's patrol car to see all of the gadgets he and other officers have to juggle, but now a cell phone isn't one of them.

"Basically it's the Sync system from Ford. We order it with all of our new cars now. It's just a complete hands-free device for your phone," says Hunter with the Byron Police Department.

He says just one button on the steering wheel will allow officers to send and receive text messages.

"Sync has some pre-programmed messages that you can reply with after it reads your text messages for you," he says.

Even if an officer has to go out of radio range, Hunter says the Bluetooth system allows them to stay connected.

"If we're in a pursuit, we can use the phones to communicate back through the 911 center," he says. "We need to focus on driving and by being able to keep your hands on the wheel, you can do that."

Hunter says his favorite part is the safety factor. "Not just for the officers, but for the people we're on the roads with," he says.

The Byron Police Department started equipping cars with this technology in 2012. Now almost half of the fleet has the hands-free system. Hunter says the police department wants to eventually equip all of its cars.


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