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From Oct. 22: Williams Shares New Ideas With Ft. Valley | News

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From Oct. 22: Williams Shares New Ideas With Ft. Valley

Barbara Williams unseated longtime mayor John Stumbo. Our profile of the Fort Valley mayoral race from October 22:

Both candidates for Fort Valley's mayor have spent 16 years at city hall. But one as a mayor and the other as councilwoman. Now both want the Peach city's top job.  

Barbara Williams says she's sharing her new ideas with the people of Fort Valley.

She wants to bring in more businesses by using the university and its students as a resource. 

"I would like to see that student population have the opportunity for some internships that they could see the need to develop some entrepreneurship," said Williams. "So I think to develop that atmosphere, to foster that atmosphere, so that they could start business of their own would keep more people here, and the lifeblood of our city is the younger people."

Mayor John Stumbo cites his experience that he brings to Fort Valley. 

"I hope that we have done a good job of delivering services doing economic development, to provide for the financial affairs of the city, had clean audits every year, so I think in terms of my performance it's been good," said Stumbo. 

Stumbo list some of the road projects as one of his accomplishments during his tenure as mayor. 

"Right now, we've got 14 million dollars worth of road projects in a town of 9,500 people," said Stumbo. "Every one of those dollars is being paid for by the state and the federal government, not a single dollar of those road projects is being paid by the local people."

But Williams says she wants to see more local contractors take on those road projects. 

"When that happens, they hire local people and the revenue stays within the city, and I would like to see that happen," said Williams. "We finally started, we are finally seeing the need to do that, but I want to see more of that happen."

Fort Valley's early voting ends November 1st and election day is Tuesday, November 5th.


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