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Winter storm watch for Central Georgia

Winter storm watch for Central Georgia

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for all of central Georgia beginning Tuesday morning until Wednesday afternoon.

A wintry mix is expected for central and southern parts of the state beginning Tuesday afternoon. Rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow are likely Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning.

U-save It Pharmacy drive thru open

U-save It Pharmacy drive thru open

The U-Save-It Pharmacy in Centerville is back open for business through its drive-thru window.

The pharmacy located on Gunn Road was temporarily closed on October 30 after 71-year-old Jennifer Bibb drove her car into the building.

Bibb was turning into the pharmacy's parking lot when she pressed her accelerator instead of the brakes. No one was injured.

District Manager, Lindsey Bryan says the Centerville location will be fully operational by the third week of November.

Help Navigating through the Health Insurance Marketplace

Since the healthcare marketplace opened last week with the advent of the Affordable Healthcare Act, there have been many problems with navigating through the website, most of them caused by high volume.  For other people, all the options are overwhelming once they actually get to create that account.

More than 200 of you were able to talk to UGA's Healthcare Navigators during 13WMAZ's phone bank Thursday.

Burger King Creates Lower-Calorie 'Satisfries'

By Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY

McDonald's fries have always given Burger King heartburn - but watch out Ronald McDonald.

In a move destined to shake up the fast-food industry, Burger King Tuesday will unveil a simple but startling french fry innovation: french fries with 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than BK's current fries. (And 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than McDonald's fries.)

They've dubbed the new product Satisfries - not to replace BK's classic fries, but to be sold in addition to them. And they will be crinkle-cut, like old-fashioned fries.

The move comes at a time consumers are increasingly demanding healthier options - even in so-called junk food. The low-cal, low-fat fries will cost 20 cents to 30 cents more per serving (except in Kids Meals, where there will be no price difference). All Burger Kings in North America will begin selling them Tuesday.

Terminally Ill Boy Will Go to Legoland for His Birthday

A terminally-ill eight-year-old Perry boy's wish is to spend his birthday at Legoland in Atlanta Friday.

The Byron Convention & Visitors Bureau, Byron Main Street, the Big Peach Antique Mall, and other local community supporters are making that happen.

Davis was born without a pulmonary artery and has 1/3 of a lung. He's had seven surgeries in his lifetime.

The groups are sending the boy and his family to the Lego theme park by limousine, where he will have a birthday party several weeks early. The family will stay overnight in a hotel.

Davis loves Legos, and the eight-year-old says he plays with them everyday.

"I am going to Legoland," said Davis. "Because they look giant. They looked like I built it, and it looks like I have been transformed into the city I made."

And for Cathy Holland, Davis' grandmother, this trip means the world to her, too.

Greater Emphasis on Child Passenger Safety

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety is sponsoring several caravan stops around Central Georgia this week.

Harris Blackwood, Dir. of the Highway Safety office told 13WMAZ that there is a real need in the Macon area to educate parents and motorists in keeping children safe.

"You would not believe the number of parents that install their child's car seat or booster seat improperly," Blackwood said.

Members promoting the effort will stop Tuesday at the Agape Way Daycare in Byron as part of the 3-day safety caravan. Representatives from the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration are on site to see the inspection and demonstration.    

On Wednesday, Blackwood said the group will set-up at Northway Church, 5915 Zebulon Road, in Macon. The free car seat and child passenger safety check starts at 1:30 and will conclude at 3:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Crawford County Getting New Medical Complex

Right now, Roberta only has two general physicians.  For specialized doctors, most people have to drive more than 25 miles to Macon.

But now, the Flint Professional Group is working to build a 24,000 square foot facility called the Milton B. Hatcher Medical Complex, that will house a pharmacy, and offices for specialists such as eye doctors, dentists, and audiologists.

"It's basically a one-stop shop," explains David Mincey from Flint.

The center is named after a Macon doctor who helped found the Mercer Medical School, and who advocated for health care in rural areas.

His daughter, Kathleen Hatcher Cook, says that's what they're hoping the center will do for Roberta.

"We're one of the most underserved counties in the state," she said.