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14 People Accused in Major Meth Bust | Crime

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14 People Accused in Major Meth Bust

Officers in three counties arrested 14 people last week in connection with what they call a major meth ring.

SLIDESHOW: 14 arrested in meth bust

The sheriff's departments of Jones, Bibb and Crawford counties held a news conference Monday to announce the arrests.

Jones County Sheriff Butch Reece says one of the people arrested could be the biggest meth supplier in central Georgia. Reece says last Wednesday, they arrested 35-year old Chadwick Nicholson who lives in Byron in Crawford County.

"We've spent countless hours on Mr. Nicholson," said Reece. "He was the head of this organization. We've seized over $150,000 in methamphetamines."
"From the information we have, he was going to Atlanta probably twice a month and bring in 10 to 12 pounds per month," said Reece. "During the search warrants, we recovered $180,000 in cash. We have 8 weapons. We have 16 vehicles."

Thirteen others were also arrested under the state RICO Act, which targets organized crime.

Bibb County District Attorney Greg Winters explained: "It's different groups or different individuals working together to break the law in some organized way."

Several law enforcement agencies worked together during the investigation including the U.S. Marshal, FBI, Florida National Guard, and Georgia State Patrol Aviation said Reece.

"It's been along investigation and through that investigation the work has paid off," said Crawford County Sheriff Lewis Walker.

He says the people of Crawford County can now breath a little easier knowing these drugs and weapons are off the streets.

"We feel like this will make a dent in the drug trafficking for a while here in middle Georgia," said Reece.

Reece says Nicholson had two pounds of methamphetamine ice when he was arrested, which could be one of the largest single busts in central Georgia.

He says the investigation continues and that more arrests could come.

Reece says they don't have a total dollar amount netted from the bust because they are still looking into other assets from those arrested including land and bank accounts.

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