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Meiko to Perform at Cox Capitol Theatre Saturday | Arts & Culture

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Meiko to Perform at Cox Capitol Theatre Saturday

Meiko, the rising pop star from Roberta performs at Cox Capitol Theatre on December 22. Tickets are $10 and benefit five-year-old Kade Howard who has brain cancer. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Read on for 13WMAZ's interview with Meiko from her album release.

Meiko (pronounced Mee-ko) is a Roberta-native whose second major label record release, “The Bright Side," is getting a lot of attention. The album, on Meiko's Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group label, blends a folk-pop approach with fluid interjections of electronic beats. You may have already experienced Meiko's music in shows like "Grey's Anatomy," "One Tree Hill" and "Pretty Little Liars."

13WMAZ’s Jacqueline Harnevious caught up with Meiko by phone to talk about music and her roots in Central Georgia.

WMAZ: What was your writing process like for this album?
Meiko: I just write—it's not that exciting. I get a lot of my inspiration from personal experiences, but I also do a lot of people watching

WMAZ: So you’re signed with Concord. What’s it like to be labelmates with Otis Redding?
Meiko: Yes. It’s really cool; they own the Stax (Records) catalog. It’s really an honor being from Georgia and sharing it with Otis Redding.

WMAZ: “Let It Go,” one of the songs on your new album stands apart from other songs on your album. Care to share what inspired that?
Meiko: It's about not over-thinking things, not letting pressure of expectations get to you.

WMAZ: Will you be touring to support the new album?
Meiko: Yeah, I’m going on a radio promotion tour in June or July—hopefully I’ll make it through Macon.

WMAZ: Your first singing experience was in Central Georgia at a black church?
Meiko: Yeah, I was invited by my sister’s teacher and I was the only little white girl there. I remember seeing how people enjoyed singing and that was inspiring to me. I had been to church a lot before that, but that was the first lively church I had been to.

WMAZ: So how did you start out your career?
Meiko: I got my start by playing open-mic nights around town (in Los Angeles) and eventually I was asked to play whole shows. People are always asking my advice for just starting out—I say play open-mic nights. People have short attention spans. They only want to hear one song anyway.

WMAZ: Let’s say it’s the perfect day, what are you listening to?
Meiko: Lately I've been listening to Ane Brun. I really like chill music, electronica music. I love Spotify; I like finding new music and getting out of my habits.

WMAZ: I noticed your new album is on Spotify, do you think that’s a good thing for artists to do?
Meiko: Yes. Spotify is a win-win for everybody. I gain new listeners this way.

WMAZ: What are your music habits?
Meiko: I really like Billie Holiday, Sade, Patty Griffin lots of folk music.

WMAZ: Speaking of habits, what are your Central Georgia haunts?
Meiko: There's a place in Culloden (GA) called Lockett's Country Kitchen, they have the best country fried chicken I've had in my life. Bear's Den is a runner-up and I always go and say hey to everyone at The Hummingbird (Stage and Taproom). When I'm home I love eating fried chicken and drinking Bud Light.

WMAZ: What would you like to tell Central Georgia?
Meiko: My album is out! I’m very proud of where I come from. I have values and my head on straight, and that comes from my upbringing in Roberta.

 “The Bright Side” is available now on iTunes.

Jacqueline Harnevious is the Community Web Producer for 13WMAZ and out of clever bio lines, unless she's going to mention sprinkles or glitter.

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