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Shawty Slim Says DJing for B.o.B is Still Surreal | Arts & Culture

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Shawty Slim Says DJing for B.o.B is Still Surreal
Shawty Slim Says DJing for B.o.B is Still Surreal

We talked to grammy-nominated hip hop artist B.o.B's official tour DJ Shawty Slim by email while they were away on tour. He says when he's home, in Downtown Macon, walking around and visiting Washington Park is one of the best things to do. Shawty Slim got his start spinning while in school at Fort Valley State University when an unpaid internship paid off and led to a first job with Macon's WIBB 97.9.

WMAZ: Tell us about the current tour.  Where have you been?
Shawty Slim: The current tour i'm on right now with B.o.B is for his new album, Strange Clouds, that dropped on May 1st. He's told us that he want to tour the world for two years, so I'm excited that I get to be apart of the efforts to make it happen successfully.

WMAZ: What is it like being on stage with B.o.B? As a DJ, how do you feed off his energy and vice versa?
Shawty Slim: I have been B.o.B's official tour DJ for a year now, and every time I get on stage I still stare out at the crowd and think, "Man, is this really happening? Is this really my job? oh wow…". I still get butterflies before every show. Once the first song starts and the band starts playing then my nerves calm down. As far as the energy, it's my also a part of my job to hype the crowd during the show. B.o.B gives off CRAZY amounts of energy when he is performing, so I take that, add my 2 cents and throw it at the crowd. The crowd throws it back at us in the form of screams, hands in the air, etc...It's amazing.

WMAZ: What is your favorite part of DJing? How did you get into it?
Shawty Slim: My favorite part of djing is being able to go outside of the box, and introduce people to new genres of music they may not listen to on their own. I started spinning in my freshman year at Fort Valley State University. I've always loved music, but never thought I would be a DJ; however, here I am, and I love it.

WMAZ: What would you call your breakout moment?
Shawty Slim: Breakout moment for me was getting hired at 97.9 WIBB in September of 2004. I had just finished an internship at Sirius Satellite Radio that summer, and already had relationships at WIBB thanks to Shirley Ellis at Ft Valley State. All those summers of interning with no pay finally paid off. I did the night show and that is actually how I met B.o.B back on 2007. I supported him early on in his career and it later came back around. Now I get to see the world!

WMAZ: What is your favorite thing to do in Macon?
Shawty Slim: Walking around Downtown has got to be the most enjoyable thing I do in Macon. I've been living downtown for 3 years now and it's not as bad as people make it out to be. I walk to Washington Park a lot, or hang out with friend on the porch of Magnolia Street. Another plus of living downtown is all of the nightlife is just a 2 min walk away. You can't beat that!

WMAZ: What would you tell kids who want to DJ?
Shawty Slim: Djing, like any other hobby, is a good way to escape your worries. It's fun to discover new music, and really learn the POWER of music. If any one ever wants any advice on it they can always reach out to me…..just keep in mind I might be on an airplane so bear with me. lol.


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