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State and Local Races Headed for Nov. 30 Runoff | News

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State and Local Races Headed for Nov. 30 Runoff

Voters across the state will head back to the polls Nov. 30 to pick a new judge for the Georgia State Court of Appeals and fill a state Supreme Court seat.


On the same day, several Central Georgia counties will decide runoffs in other races.


In four weeks, Georgia voters will decide between Antoinette Davis and Chris McFadden, the top two finishers in a six-person race for the state appeals court.


And they'll decide whether to replace Supreme Court incumbent David Nahmias with challenger Tammy Lynn Adkins.


These runoff races will also be on the Nov. 30 ballots in various counties:


Bibb, Crawford and Peach counties, Jim Barnes and Howard Simms are competing for a Macon Judicial Circuit Superior Court judge's seat.


In the same counties, Greg Winters and David Cooke will apparently run off for the district attorney's job. That's not final yet, as preliminary results show third-place finisher Sharell Lewis just 37 votes behind Cooke.


Houston County, Arthur Creque and George Hartwig are running for district attorney. And incumbent Griff Clements is defending the Houston Board of Education Post 6 sat against Jim Maddox.


Baldwin County, Gloria Wicker is challenging incumbent Wilbert Manson for the District 1 board of education post, and Wes Cummings is running against Jeff McAfee for the District 5 seat.


Crawford County, incumbent Jennifer Beach is defending her Superior Court clerk's job against challenger Ryan Johnson. That matchup is also not final, as preliminary results show third-place finisher Marsha Breedlove 10 votes behind Johnson.


Dodge County, District 3 Board of Education incumbent Rocky Stuckey is defending his seat against Dee Yearty.


Hancock County, Teresa Kell is challenging incumbent Borderick Foster for the District 4 county commission seat.


Twiggs County, Gary Nobles and Pashion Germany are competing for the probate judge's seat recently vacated by Kenneth Fowler, who was removed from the job by a state board.




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