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Central Georgians Deliver Books to Nigeria | News

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Central Georgians Deliver Books to Nigeria

"The schools often didn't have electricity, but that didn't deter the children," said Pastor Daniel Dawsey of Central Union Missionary Baptist Church.

He is speaking about the children he recently visited in Nigeria. The Fort Valley pastor and fellow friend Isacc Eferighe just returned from there after delivering more than 10,000 books.

"It really speaks to what mission work ought to be about, that we are able to share with others because of the way the Lord has blessed us," said Dawsey.

They say the conditions of schools are very poor and don't have enough books to go around.

Some buildings don't have ceilings, windows, doors, or furniture, but the students are willing to learn," said Eferighe.

"There was a 2nd-grade class where there was a 19-year-old man. In that same school there was a ninth grade class with a 24-year-old. The students there were excited about learning. Here in America our students have too many resources and so many opportunities that they too often are not eager to learn. What we found is that the students there don't have nearly as many opportunities but they are so eager to learn," said Dawsey.

Dawsey and Eferighe started collecting the books with the community's help more than a year ago. Eferighe set out to collect books for children in the same area of Nigeria where he grew up. Eyewitness News first interviewed them this past summer as they filled a large storage trailer with books in Macon. It's a goal they say they're thankful helped children on their way to becoming successful adults.

"I believe that my mission was fufilled and the kids are happy, the parents are happy so it was a very successful trip," said Eferighe.

Central Union Missionary Baptist Church says it's working on another mission that hopes to furnish computers to schools in Africa. For more information on how you can help, contact Pastor Dawsey at 478-825-2958.


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