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Fort Valley construction update

Lakesha Rumph says the construction in Fort Valley on Camellia Boulevard and Highway 341 slows traffic and may make it harder for customers to get to the business where she works.

"They work on the parking lot sometimes. In those instances it's hard for the customers to get in and out," she said.

The construction started early last year to fix drainage problems.

"A lot of businesses were flooding due to the problems with the water drainage," Rumph said.

The Georgia Department of Transportation started the project and said it would last about 18 months.

The renovation costs around 8 million dollars and is funded by the department.

"The original date of the project to be finished we had been told was maybe about April or so. And then they extended it down to July," said Mayor Barbara Williams, but Camellia Boulevard is still covered with safety cones in July.

Perdue defeats Kingston in Georgia Senate runoff

Runoff elections set for Tuesday

Runoff elections set for Tuesday

July runoffs are Tuesday. Polls open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Here is a breakdown of the races to be decided this month.

U.S Senate Race: Republican Runoff

Rep. Jack Kingston

David Perdue

Krispy Kreme featuring Southern doughnuts

Krispy Kreme featuring Southern doughnuts

(WXIA) -- Krispy Kreme has rolled out two new doughnuts inspired by popular Southern dishes.

The Southen Summer Classics offerings will be available through Sunday, Aug. 31 at participating locations. They include:

Banana Pudding
A moist shell doughnut filled with banana Kreme filling, topped with a yellow icing that hints of the flavors inside and a vanilla wafer topping

Fort Valley city council explore economic developments

In Fort Valley's City council meeting Thursday night, the mayor and city council members talked about ways to fund a multi-family housing unit.

The 60-unit building has already been approved by the mayor and the council, and will be located north of highway 341 near Nu-way Weiner. It will take $200,000 to build, and the funding would come from the Downtown Development Authority.

The council decided to apply for a Community Block Grant Thursday night. It would pay the city back through a revolving loan fund. The majority of council members supported applying for the grant.

Mayor Barbara Williams says it's because there was confusion as to whether the city would be liable to pay for the project in the end.

Job opening in Byron

Job opening in Byron

Each Thursday, a Georgia Department of Labor representative joins 13WMAZ to share several open jobs in the Central Georgia area.

You can watch this on 13WMAZ-TV on Thursday mornings and again at 5 p.m.

'Veggies in the Valley' encourages gardening

Patricia Alston Rohlman is looking for a "fresh" way to get food in Fort Valley.

"We're trying to promote the idea of a 'handup,' not a 'handout' so that people can view the gardens as like a learning lab, so they can come and learn how to garden for themselves," she said.

Rohlman started "Veggies in the Valley," a project that started 4 community gardens throughout the city.

The gardens are located on Oak Street, Love Street, on State University Boulevard near Fort Valley State, and behind the local Boys and Girls Club.

"People ask me all the time, 'Can I come and bring my kids?' So we have a couple of children signed up with their parents to come and work," Rohlman said.

The city donated three of the properties the gardens are built on.

The fourth one is privately owned by the City Marshal.