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Protesters rally against Affordable Care Act in Byron

ID=22664839About a dozen protesters were on an I-75 overpass Saturday, waving American flags and signs calling for change.

It happened on the overpass of Exit 149 into Byron.

The group, called Overpasses for America, says they were representing a variety of Conservative issues, including the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the institution of the Fair Tax, and calling for the impeachment of President Obama.

Protest leader Early Shay says the group was expressing its constitutional rights.

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FVSU pool grand re-opening makes a big splash

A ribbon-cutting at Fort Valley State University made a big splash on campus Friday. The pool had its grand re-opening after closing in 2010 due to cracks in the floor which kept it from holding water.

Dwayne Crew, who is head of the facilities office, says the cracks may have happened because the 12-foot pool was too close to the water table underneath the building.

The University System of Georgia approved $400,000 to the school to repair it. Total costs came in around $438,000.

Crew says the pool, which is now seven feet deep, will be used for advanced swimming classes and as practice space for local schools.

Jesse Jackson speaks at Fort Valley town hall

Voter access, education, and the importance of unity were all on the table as Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson visited Fort Valley State University Thursday night.

Jesse Jackson was greeted by a packed house of Fort Valley students, Peach County residents and elected leaders from throughout Central Georgia. The message was one of progress in all areas.

"We must learn to live together and choose direction over complexion," he said.

Former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis told us he managed Jackson's presidential campaign in the state of Georgia in 1988.

"He had a message then and he still has that same message today and that is a message of hope, growth and opportunity," Ellis said.

Reverend Jesse Jackson visits Fort Valley

Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke at Fort Valley Middle School Thursday.

The civil rights activist, who worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., told stories of life during segregation and emphasized the importance of education, specifically science, math, and foreign languages

Afterward, Jackson made also made a stop at Fort Valley State University, where he stressed the importance of voting.

"You use the vote to affect legislation, to affect local and federal government. That's an American Democratic right," said Jackson.

He also talked about the need for more black engineers.

"I've been in many situations where I've gone to internships and I'm the only African-American, I'm the only female there, so there's a huge need for us to be there," said Ashley Davis.

She is a senior at Fort Valley State is planning on getting a graduate degree in engineering.

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Crawford Co. cat stuck in tree for four days

After four days, a cat stuck 90 feet above the ground in a tree has been brought down safely.

Roman Garcia posted this picture to 13WMAZ's Facebook page holding Smiley, simply captioned "safe and sound."

Paul Sanders says buzzards started circling Smiley, the family cat, in recent days as he was stuck way up in that tall pine located just off of their property on Eastwood Drive.

Moments after a story on Smiley's dangerous plight was posted on 13wmaz.com, a tree company called the station volunteering to rescue the cat.

UPDATE: News conference sheds little light on fatal Peach Co. plane crash

UPDATE, Saturday, 3 p.m.: An official with the National Transportation Safety Board said Saturday that they will have a preliminary accident report in eight to 10 days on Friday's plane crash that killed one man and injured another.

Doug Brazy, an air safety investigator with NTSB, said during a news conference at the crash site in Peach County that the report will contain a summary of facts and details.

No new details about the crash were given at the news conference.

"We may find a safety issue where we can recommend a change to try and prevent a tragedy like this from happening again," Brazy said. "We will be looking at the man, the machine and the environment."

Brazy said in 10 months the NTSB website will post a full report with all of the information about the wreck.

Students to attend FVSU on Michael Brown scholarships

Michael Brown's name is now synonymous with his death in Ferguson, Missouri.

But for some students who went to his high school it'll now be forever linked to an opportunity to attend Fort Valley State University on full-ride scholarships.

13 WMAZ's Kristen Swilley and videojournalist Hunter Joyce learned a little more about the awards and heard student's reactions to the news.

"Here in Wildcat Country, we treat everybody like a family. Everybody is like a brother or cousin or some distant relative that you've never met," said Elijah Porter II, a student at FVSU.

And that family gets a little bigger this fall. Some of the freshman coming to "The Valley" are from the same Missouri high school Michael Brown graduated from days before he died.